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Learn to drive in a Mini in Poole, Bournemouth & surrounding areas.
11/04/21 - With Covid 19 Infection rates remaining low the DVSA have confirmed drivier training can resume tomorrow 12th and driving tests from the 22nd. Although as many non essential businesses start up again tomorrow and with more contact more infections start to be recorded, we are hopeful with the benefit of the continued vaccination rollout, that the increaseing infection rate does not result in more serious illness, hospitalisations, deaths and another Lockdown.

Signing off today from updating about Covid 19 effects on your driver training, we again take this opportunity to thank everyone in the NHS and Key Workers everywhere who have worked throughout the pandemic over the last year, thank you!

Stay Safe and Well everyone, take the Jab and help make living with Covid 19 in the future safer for us all.

05/04/21 - Good news from the PM today as we continue onto the next step of the roadmap out of Lockdown! Training and tests resume on Monday 12th. Stay safe and well everyone.

08/03/21 - The DVSA advised today that the driving tests will not now resume until 22nd April 2021 and lessons from 12th April 2021 and subject to final confirmation from the Government on 5th April 2021.

At least we have a date that should now stand.

Unfortunately this has meant many more tests we had booked in, have and will, be moved back into July and beyond!

Watch this space and also our fb page, fb@Drive.DBY, Stay Safe and Well and we'll update you again asap

22/2/21 - We hope to hear tomorrow regarding a more definite start date for the resumption of driving lessons. The government has just published the "Covid Response - Spring 2021" Road Map out of Covid restrictions which states in "Step 2" Paragraph 110 that "driving tests can resume on 12th April 2021"!!

As we will need time to prepare everyone for early tests, obviously we will need the government to allow us to resume driving lessons prior to April 12th.

Watch this space for an update on when we can restart training. Talk again soon

02/02/21 - Update from the DVSA today..... Still no Key worker training or regular tests but we can only train and test in the following special circumstances so after reading this if you have any questions contact us immediately....


"A limited Theory test and Practical testing service will be introduced in England and Wales. This will be available to:

1) NHS Health and Social Care workers
2) The Emergency Services
3) Local Councils

........Who need to;

A) Drive as part of their job or
B) Respond to "Threats to life" as part of their job

These tests will be carried out by Examiners that have volunteered to continue testing throughout the Lockdown"

"We will be contacting these organisations directly to explain how they can access this service"


"You can teach mobile emergency workers who have a confirmed test booking even if current local or national restrictions do not allow driving or riding tests"

"You must NOT teach anyone who only has a routine driving test booked - even if they are an NHS Health and Social Care Worker / An Emergency Service Worker or Local Council Worker"

"You must make sure that your pupil has the correct documentation as detailed below"....

"You must NOT take any pupil out unless you have both;

A) A copy of the pupil's Emergency Test confirmation email
B) A copy of the application request from your pupil's employer

"You can use these to prove you're allowed to teach during current restrictions if you are stopped by the Police"


Watch this space for any updates about when we can resume training and testing for everyone else!

- One month into Lockdown 3 and we hope you are all staying safe and well?

No real changes to report, as you know, Lockdown 3 continues with fairly high daily infection rates but great progress on vaccinations which long term will help us return to some form of 'normality' which, like you, we are so looking forward to!

Theory Tests are available from March 1st 2021 so if you plan to get your driving licence this year, book your Theory Test now.....don't wait, as once that's done we can book your driving test for you, ahead of you being ready and as such this will get you on the road much sooner and remember, your Theory Test Pass Certificate is then valid for 2 years!

If you need help with this just ask, we could also book your Theory Test for you if necessary? Coincidentally this March 1st 2021 date is also the day we have planned to restart our driver training so fingers crossed we are released from Lockdown 3 by then, even if only dropping us back to Tier 3 which will allow us to train, test and get you out on the road!!

The DVSA continue to reschedule driving tests back now as far as June 2021!! We are moving everyone's tests around so the ones that were almost at their test dates when we were locked down, can hopefully test in March and April latest which is better than the ones moved back as far as June and we will prioritise their training to get them through their delayed tests asap! Thank you to everyone for your continued understanding and support through these unprecedented times.

2021 will continue to be challenging for us all but for us, it will take time to catch up and to help us do this we are now looking to hear from anyone who would like to join the team here at Driven By You. Take a look at the 'Join Us' page for more details, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

08/01/2021 - So our first week of Lockdown 3 and all training remains banned and that includes for Key Workers too. We hope the government may reconsider this but we're not hopeful to be honest. We are beginning to work on rebooking everyone in from 1st March 2021. This is based on assumptions such as....

1) Our first test the DVSA rebooked from 5th January is now 22nd March - so are they expecting us to be up and running again and in time to get the trainee ready by then?

2) This Lockdown 3 was said to be reviewed at half term in February so that was a 6 week period - 3 weeks for the numbers to rise and 3 weeks for the numbers to fall after Lockdown 3 has it's full effect in addition to having many more people vaccinated to limit term ends around Friday 19th February, allowing a week or so to get things up and running and there we have it, back to work on Monday 1st March 2021 - well, we shall keep everything crossed for that and hope our plans work out ok??

For anyone with birthdays coming up or having plans to get your driving test done, don't wait, get in touch now so we can provisionally get your training booked in as our instructors were busy and had a waiting list before Lockdown 3 therefore, with yet another 6 to 8 weeks of pupils still on the books having been unable to take their tests, space is going to be a little difficult. Watch this space.....

30/12/2020 - As we are in the area that is covered by BCP council (Bournemouth, Christcurch and Poole), it has just been announced that from 00.01hr tomorrow morning, 31/12/2020, we are being moved into Tier 4 so all training and tests are to be put on hold - Watch this space for updates but we will be in touch with everyone who has lessons and tests booked with us and be assured we will rearrange your tests for the earliest possible date for you - Stay Safe and Well

18/12/2020 - It appears the latest from the DVSA is that driving tests will continue even in Tier 3 areas but with strict processes to ensure minimal risk to everyone at the test centre and in the car. Great news is also that the waiting room at Poole DTC is now open so Instructors can wait in the warm and dry whilst their pupils are out on test!

1/12/2020 - Late this afternoon the DVSA announced that driving tests and driver training can resume tomorrow,  Wednesday 2/12/2020 but in Tiers 1 & 2 areas only. As this was rather a late announcement, we will be resuming training on Thursday 3/12/2020 as planned.

2/11/2020 - Today's update is that from 5th November 2020 until 2nd December 2020 - "All Driver and Rider Training and Tests are Suspended". We will be in touch with everyone to reschedule tests and training as soon as we can.

1/11/2020 - With a minimum one month Lockdown starting this week, we plan to continue with all planned training sessions until we get clarification from the Governement as to what we can or cannot do, going forward. We hope to be able to continue with at least our Key / Essential Workers and their pre booked tests. We are also waiting to hear from the DVSA regarding all of our tests booked through November, December and into January 2021. This will have a knock on effect to all training and all driving school's ability to take on new trainees if existing lessons and or tests cannot be completed. We'll update here as things change...... Stay Safe & Well.

The DVSA are now only releasing one week's driving test appointments at a time, creating what is, a rolling 18 weeks of possible driving test bookings, this is to prevent a repeat of the lockdown scenario where over 55k tests had to be put on hold or cancelled.

Key / Critical Worker Emergency Tests are no longer available to any new applicants from Friday 14th August 2020 however we await notification if these will resume due to the second wave Lockdown?

Our recommendation to our trainees including those on the waiting list for when their licence arrives etc, is to prioritise preparing and passing the Theory Test, start driver training asap and be ready to book a short notice test if a cancellation pops up on the booking system as currently the waiting time in Poole is the full 18 weeks.....

Covid 19 Precautions

Be assured we are taking precautions to protect your and our health and are sanitising all areas of the cars that you and we would contact such as door handles interior and exterior, Steering Wheel, Gearstick, Handbrake, Mirrors, Seat adjusters and all ancilliary controls at every driver change.

We carry facemasks, wipes and 62% Alcohol based Hand Sanitiser. If you have your own, please bring those along to use as you may feel is required.

If you or someone you share your home with show any symptoms of COVID - 19 and you need to self isolate please contact us to rearrange lessons for after your self isolation period which we will be happy to do without any cancellation charge.

We are also 'Temperature Testing' ourselves and all pupils before each lesson. Whilst temperature testing will not identify Covid 19 it is one of the recognised early symptoms, additionally it allows us to minimise risk to us all if anyone is unwell and it would be safer not to conduct the lesson in that event.

Theory Tests

Theory Tests are now being booked again! If you can't get an early theory test date, message us through our facebook page as we may have some pre booked slots that we can allocate to you. You don't have to be training with us, just get in touch.

Is your Theory Test due to expire soon?

Unfortunately your theory test certificate cannot be extended even under the COVID 19 situation so you will need to book, re-take and pass another theory test before being able to book your practical driving test!

Do you have your Provisonal Driving Licence yet?

You can apply for your provisional driving licence from the age of 15yrs 9mths.

Your entitlement to drive a car automatically starts on your 17th birthday so don't wait to apply, do it early! Remember you can start preparing for the theory test at any time and the perfect time would be now during Lockdown and may help with Cabin Fever during these restrictive times. An advantage of this is when the DVSA booking system comes online again you will be ready and able to book the earliest date possible which means once that has been passed, we will then be free to book your driving test asap and get you out on the road sooner than later.

Any questions about any of this, contact us, we will be happy to help

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