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Training Plans
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Learn to drive in a Mini in Poole, Bournemouth & surrounding areas.
Training Plans

Beginner / Novice

Just starting out, feeling nervous, don't worry, that's quite normal. Training for beginners starts out in a quieter area where we familiarise you with basic safety, the car and it's controls, then get you driving on the road for the first time and yes, you will be driving the car on day one, and without stalling as you move away and come to a stop. The training is then structured to bring in new information and skills at a pace suitable to you so whilst there are new challenges each lesson, it will always be enjoyable and what discuss and agree to set out to do, will be realistic and achieveable. Lessons are recommended in 2 hour sessions to achieve meaningful improvements to new skills as they are introduced however, can be tailored to meet your own personal commitments so please feel free to talk to us about your individual requirements.

Foreign Licence Holder

Inirially when we meet, we need to familiarise you with the car and controls then carry out an Assessment of your current driving skills, after which, we can discuss and agree the training recommended to prepare you for the Practical Driving Test. Often, if Foreign Licence holders have done the Theory test already, we would be looking to book your Practical test just after our first session, then set out times and dates to get together to familiarise you with the local Test Routes and requirements for the test, whilst improving your driving skills as discussed and agreed at the Assessment. We can look for 'Cancellation Test Appointments', which could bring your Practical Driving Test forward to a date earlier than the standard waiting time, and then intensive training leading up to that test appointment is an option that can be offered and considered subject to availability.

Assessments for Mature Drivers

Are you a mature driver or do you have a family member who has driven for years now? Would you like some re-assurance that you / they, are still safe out there on today's busy roads? With our 'Assessments For Mature Drivers', we will show you respect as a driver of some years standing and in assessing your driving skills and general road safety, offer our professional advice on any aspects that should be considered for improvement to enhance your already substantial driving ability with a view to keeping you driving safe for life. This has sometimes resulted in just the assessment session and in other cases one or two additional sessions. There is no test involved in this assessment.

Intensive Training

Need your full driving licence sooner rather than later? Passed the Theory test already? Let's do the first training session and then talk through what you will need. Working towards a 'Practical Test Date' certainly focusses the mind and intensive training does work well as it affords enhanced learning, soon after new skills being introduced. It can however, be exactly as it says, 'intense', so we can do several sessions per week which gives you a break but very soon after, re-enforces skills learnt a day or so before, or sessions with a 30 minute break in between, whichever suits you best and in line with getting you fully prepared for the test date you have booked.

Mock Test

This is available to anyone, even if learning to drive privately or with another driving school but FREE to all trainees taking regular driving lessons with us. It will give you a realistic assessment of your current driving skills, give you confidence in just how much you can do well and focus future training in areas requiring improvement so you will be ready for your forthcoming Practical Driving Test.

Re-taking your Driving Test after losing your licence perhaps through points top up?

No problem, an initial assessment is recommended then we can arrange training leading up to your extended Practical Driving Test, if applicable. No additional pricing here, lets get you ready and back on the road, so call now and don't delay as the usual lead time is about 6 - 8 weeks for just the standard Practical Driving Test!

Pass Plus

Highly recommended. This 6 hour course is usually completed over two 3hr sessions and there is no test required at the end of the course. Many insurance companies offer a good discount on production of this Pass Plus Certificate. Did you know that the Pass Plus Certificate is valid for 2 years so if you complete the course now but are not getting your own car yet, the insurance companies will offer the discount when you do, up to 2 yrs after the course completion? The course modules cover driving skills in much greater depth than your initial driver training and Practical Test that you took and covers the following areas; Introduction & Town Driving, All-Weather Driving, Out Of Town Driving & Rural Roads, Night Driving, Major Dual Carriageways, Motorways. This course can be completed in the 'Driven By You' driving school car or your own car if you have one and would prefer as it is the car you will be driving daily and in these situations anyway, so just let us know which car you would prefer to use.

Motorway Driving, Night Driving, Driving on Snow & Ice, Reversing, Parking & Refresher Training - Boost your confidence

Not as confident as you would like to be in certain situations? Been off the road for a while and just need some time in a car to boost your confidence? We offer sessions covering specialised training in any specific area of driving, be it just one or a few, no problem, you will be surprised how good you feel afterwards when you realise you can do it and do it well!

If you are reading this section in the winter time with snow & ice on the ground, pick up the phone and give us a call now, you really will enjoy it out there and we get so few opportunities to train people in these conditions and we've not missed a day out there yet even with novice drivers, so come on pick up that phone, this is a really important element of driver training often missed here in the south due to our climate. The thought may be scary at first but you will soon find it's not and our time together in the car will give you the confidence to know that you can drive safely in those slippery conditions.



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